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Group Visits


Come for a group visit to inspire each child's curiosity, spark their imagination, and nurture their sense of discovery!

Group Visit Options

Group visits must be booked in advance. For booking a visit or more information on the visits listed below, please call the Museum.

Exploration Visit - 2 hours
During this self guided visit children explore the Museum the best way they know how, through touch. Visit is 2 hour long and the cost is $4 per child.

Discovery Visit - 1 & 1/2 hours
Explore the Museum for an hour and then have your group participate in a 1/2 hour program, hosted by Museum staff. The cost is $6 per child. Program Options are:

  • Trash to Treasure: Children create a unique project out of recycled materials, while reinforcing the concept of reduce, reuse, and recycle. We supply the materials; the children supply the imagination.
  • Stories and Senses: Children listen to a story and then participate in creating an art project related to the story. You pick the theme, we'll select the story and the project.
  • Community Service Program: Children learn to give back to their community. We will read a story about acts of kindness and complete a pre-determined service project for a local charity.
  • Silly Science: Learn about a chosen science topic in this station based program.

Extended Discovery Visit - 2 hours
Explore the Museum for an hour and then have your group participate in a pre-selected program for at least 1 hour hosted by Museum staff. The cost is $9 per child. Program options are:

  • Our Wonderful World* - Pack your bags! Students will explore human diversity by participating in the music, dance, language and stories of other cultures.  This 1 1/2 hour long program for Pre-K to 3rd grade accommodates a maximum of 30 students.  $100 per program plus travel costs.
  • Wacky Water - Why doesn’t that rock sink?  How can you make a paper clip float?  Observe the principles of buoyancy, density, surface tension, adhesion and cohesion through water play!  This 1-hour, Pre-K program accommodates 30 individuals.  $75 per program plus travel costs.
  • Stuffee - Focusing on health, nutrition and the systems of the body, this one hour program uses "Stuffee," a seven foot doll created by the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. Stuffee unzips to reveal soft-sculpture organs of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory system. Children participating in the program get to handle Stuffee's organs, listen to a heartbeat, and complete pre and post visit activities provided by the Museum. It is appropriate for students in Pre-K - 5th grade. A maximum of 30 children per program.
  • City by Design* - This is a city planning and development program where students learn the four zoning areas of a city, design their own model building using recycled materials, and learn to identify the facilities, goods and services needed for a livable city. It is appropriate for students in 1st grade and up. This program can accommodate 30 children per program and runs for 2 hours.
  • Lasting Impressions* - This program focuses on New York State history and the different types of fossils that can be found throughout the state. By observing and handling real and reproduction fossils, students will begin to understand how fossils are formed and what they can teach us about the past. It is appropriate for students in 2nd through 6th grade. A maximum of 30 children per program. Each program is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours long.
  • Beyond the Bark - A station-based program that explores our wonderful natural resource - Trees. Beginning with a story and progressing through interactive activities, participants will make discoveries about tree parts, the value of trees, and the history of the 1st Arbor Day. It is appropriate for students in pre-k through 5th grade. A maximum of 30 children per program. Each program is approximately 11/2 to 2 hours long.
  • Motion Madness* - Learn about motion through hands on experiments that test speed, friction, and other forces. Students will also be able to test their knowledge by building rollercoasters. A maximum of 30 children per program. Each program is approximately 2 hours long and is appropriate for students in 2nd grade and up.
  • Silly Science: Learn about a chosen science topic in this station based program.

*programs that run for more than one hour


Girl Scout Badge Programs

Schedule a two hour Girl Scout program at The Children's Museum! We can design programs to fit a badge you're working on, or you can choose from our popular outreach programs. Programs can be scheduled after school or on weekends. Maximum group size is 30 children. The cost is $12 per child and includes: materials and Museum admission.

Past Specially Designed Brownie and Junior Programs:

  • Science Wonders
  • Healthy Habits
  • Art to Wear
  • Scavenger Hunt

Over-Night Badge Programs

Sleep over at the Children’s Museum!

Cost is $400 per night for up to 10 children and $40 per additional child.

Over-night includes: badge program workshop, museum play, dinner, and breakfast. Program theme can be designed to accommodate your troop’s badge or theme.*Maximum group size is 20 children.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a program, please contact the Museum at (518) 584-5540.

Group Visit Policies (Please read carefully)

  • Group visits must be booked in advance by calling the Museum.
  • There is a minimum number of 10 children required in order to receive the group discount. If you have less than 10 children, you will be charged a minimum fee of $40. This does not include the fee for any additional adults. Memberships, coupons, and free passes cannot be applied to group visits.
  • Unless other arrangements have been made and approved by the Director of Education, a $40 deposit, which is deducted from your total, is required and must be received at least 2 weeks prior to your visit date.
  • Individual payments will not be accepted. Have all your funds collected before your visit and a full count of children and additional chaperones. We accept cash, checks and Visa or MasterCard. If you cancel your group without rescheduling and it is less than two weeks before your original visit date, you will be charged 50% of your total group fee. No exceptions.
  • We require one adult (must be 18 years or older) chaperone for every 5 students. There is no charge for the required chaperones. If there are additional chaperones, they will be charged $2.00 per adult. If you are visiting as a special education classroom we allow one adult per every child free of charge.  These chaperones are responsible for the behavior of your group.  Museum rules are based on safety, common sense, and courtesy to other visitors; taking turns, no running, using indoor voices and cleaning up after yourselves are guidelines that help make sure everyone has a good time at the Museum.
  • The Museum has a room in which groups may have snacks or lunch.  Since availability is limited, please call ahead to reserve this room if you would like to use it. Please note: Lunch or snack in the Museum must be included in your allotted visit time.
  • Please arrive together as a group and on time. Be prompt. Lateness will result in a shortened or cancelled visit. People who are early will be required to wait until their entire group arrives. Teachers must be present before the visit can begin.
  • Once you arrive at the Museum please settle your students in our coatroom located just to the right of the front doors. A Museum staff member will conduct a brief orientation with the children before they are allowed in the Museum.
  • For your comfort and peace of mind, we suggest group members, including chaperones, wear identifying name tags, t-shirts, etc. This will also assist Museum staff in easily identifying members of your group.



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